Completely overhauled Kapp sharpening machine, managed by ESA operator panel.

The longitudinal feed of the grinding wheel and the divider / helix are axes controlled by NC, the increase of the diamond dessing and the advancement of the diamond are electrical (managed by PLC). The orientation of the grinding wheel is manual with hydraulic locking / unlocking, the positioning on the bottom of the cutting edge is manual and the cutting edge is carried out with an electronic handwheel.

A hydraulic anti-backlash system has been applied to the divider/helix.

The sharpening cycle is extremely elementary, it reflects the operation of the fully mechanical machine and does not require any kind of knowledge in terms of NC programming:

  • Enter the data of the creator on the operator panel
  • The panel indicates the angle at which to place the grinding wheel
  • The grinding wheel is brought to the oscillation limit switches and the quote is acquired with a button
  • The grinding wheel is positioned in the tooth depth
  • It touches the cutting edge of the hob
  • The sharpening cycle starts

The sharpening cycle is completely automatic and is divided into 3 phases: roughing, finishing and flash hiding. In each phase it is possible to set the total removal, the removal at each pass and the total number of passes (which can also be changed during the sharpening). The diamond dressing, the number of passes of the dresser and its increase are managed in the sharpening cycle.

It is possible to exclude the diamond dressing for the use of CBN wheels.

  • SLIDE SPEED: 6000 mm/min
  • RPM MAX WHEEL: 3000 rpm
  • N° HOB’S GROOVES: 1 – 99
  • HELICAL PITCH: da 90 mm a infinito (straight hob)
  • SLIDE’S STROKE: 600 mm