We have been designing and manufacturing automation applied to machine tools for over 30 years

Company Profile

Specialized in the overhaul, retrofit and sale of CNC and traditional machine tools.

Tecsi srl was founded in Rovato (BS) in 2002 from the evolution of the sole proprietorship Jointec of Pedercini Severino, and continues the activity begun in 1989.

Our business consists in the technological updating, revamping and maintenance of small and medium-sized machine tools, be they milling machines, lathes, hobbing machines or grinding machines, their equipment, automation and specific applications, in addition to the sale of machine tools for each work requirement.

The company team, which has always been led by the founder, has matured its natural evolution with the arrival in the company of specialized technicians, partly belonging to the family, who have been delegated the technical and organizational functions that have made it possible to achieve the standards of quality and timing today indispensable for a modern company.

In our technical office we carry out the study of the interventions and the design of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, all that concerns the adaptation to the legal requirements with reference both to the Legislative Decree 81/2008 and to the CE regulations and the drafting of manuals of use and maintenance.

The electrical and hydraulic parts are made entirely within the company, the mechanical parts are entrusted to external collaborators. The company is however equipped with modern proprietary machinery used for the autonomous construction of mechanical parts, both spare and newly designed, in order to meet emergencies and special needs.

This allows us precision, punctuality and efficiency and the ability to satisfy our customers’ requests in the best possible way.

This is our core business which has naturally evolved over time
in terms of technical knowledge and experience since its foundation